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TECNARO material solutions offer a wide range of technical properties and appearances and their resistance or biodegradability can be adapted to the intended application. They all have one thing in common: fossil plastics are replaced with materials made from up to 100% renewable raw materials. Renewable raw materials are biomass from agriculture or forestry. These typically include biomass from wood, sugar cane, sugar beet, oil plants, maize and increasingly also from by-products in future. Renewable raw materials allow for the carbon cycle to be short-circuited. It takes several millions of years for biomass to turn into recoverable fossil resources, time that is naturally not available with current consumption. Based on the current state of the art, the use of renewable raw materials is a very important option to maintain the supply of raw materials with dwindling oil reserves.

We offer the following services in addition to the supply of granulate:


We will be happy to advise you about the material selection, processing, the moulded part and tool design and answer any questions about our materials in the ARBOBLEND®, ARBOFILL® and ARBOFORM® material groups.


We support you while you are developing a new product with our vast knowledge on material, process and application properties. Material properties can be determined quickly and efficiently in our own laboratory to enable the swift optimisation of material as required.


Together with you we work on the right formula and moulded part and tool design when generating new projects. There are more than 3,500 tested and approved formulas available to meet your requirements.

The result is minimised material, tool, process and therefore ultimately moulded part costs.
Our aim is to make your product idea ready for series production as quickly, simply and cost-effectively as possible and support further series application.

After you have contacted us, we will select the material that is suitable to your requirements and requests together with you and fulfil any requests for changes in the steps leading to series production. We can also provide you with support by our own application engineers to optimise the process.

A multitude of interesting and innovative products made from Tecnaro materials are in series production. You can find a selection of success stories in our press archive.