TECNARO - The Biopolymer Company

Advantages of bio-based materials

Materials based on renewable resources aim at:

  • Closed CO2 cycles
  • Conserving fossil resources
  • Using nature’s potential for synthesis
  • Improving end-of-life options: recyclable, convertible into (bio) energy or biodegradable

The renewable raw materials used to produce biomaterials absorb CO2 during their growth phase and bind it beyond their use phase. If the products biodegrade or are converted into energy at the end of their life cycle only as much CO2 is released as the plants absorbed beforehand. The aim is a closed CO2 cycle.

The materials developed, produced and sold by TECNARO largely do without any fossil raw materials in contrast to conventional plastics. Finite resources are conserved as a result.

By using newly developed polymers, which are not first of all attributed to the same basic levels as their conventional counterparts, nature’s capacity for synthesis is being used thus tapping into energy saving potential.

Many biomaterials offer the additional quality of biodegradability, which may be of advantage depending on the intended use. The materials produced by TECNARO are recyclable and can be converted into energy at the end of their life cycle saving on a corresponding amount of fossil energy sources.